Charles Page wint eerste wedstrijd op Belgische bodem

Door Kurt Vermeerbergen op 5 Mar 2016 - 21:16
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In Harelbeke bonden 80 junioren de strijd met elkaar aan waaronder ook enkele renners uit Engeland. Eerstejaars junior Charles Page van het Engelse Central Region won de  in de spurt.

"I was very happy with the result today, this was my first race in Belgium and of the season. Going into it I was somewhat tentative as to how my legs would be feeling, especially this early in the season. I was pretty happy with the pace once the race started and decided to stretch them out a bit jumping across to some of the early first/second lap breaks. This proved a good move as I got in the bunch of 7 which ultimately stayed away for 9 out of the 11 laps. The group was working well together and we were keeping a consistent pace. Coming to the last few laps I could feel my legs tiring and so knew I had to hope for a sprint to have a chance to win. In the last lap a few attacks came, thankfully I was able to get across to them. When it came to the last corner I was in a good position and then it was a case of putting everything I had into my final sprint! It was a tough race and as a first year junior was a huge step up but I am very pleased to get the result and look forward to returning to Belgium soon!" tell Charles Page.

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