Brit Dylan Sage solo naar de overwinning (foto's)

Door Sophie Richez op 9 Jun 2024 - 10:06
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De Brit Dylan Sage van het Cannibal B Victorius U19 won in het Waalse Grandglise de wedstrijd voor junioren. Dylan kwam solo over de finish.

"The race started very fast and hard with attacks going on the first lap. The course was hard with two small hills every lap which was a good place to attack. There was a breakaway already 10km in with two of my Cannibal teammates in it so we tried to control the race and go over to the break with only our teammates but we also took a couple of other riders. I attacked straight away when we got to the breakaway and I caught one rider who was already a little up the road. We worked together very well until around 16km to go when I started to attack and try to go solo. The first time it didn’t work but I tried again and it worked. After this point I was alone and built up a good gap until the finish. It was a good day not just for me but for the team also as we took 1st,4th and 6th." explain Dylan.


1. Dylan Sage (Cannibal B Victorius U19)
2. Arthur Vanassche (Wanty Cycling)
3. Fabrice Lefevre (Onder Ons Parike)